Acoustic ceiling office

Acosorb realizes an acoustic ceiling in the office quickly and without problems. By means of spraying and plastering, we create fine acoustics in all types of workspaces. Good acoustics are necessary for a pleasant working climate in the office and in other business areas. This increases the concentration of employees and thus increases productivity. At Acosorb you are assured of high-quality spraying and plastering and a direct improvement of the acoustics, which reduces reverberation and also saves energy costs.

Acoustic ceiling options

Acoustic spraying

With acoustic spraying we create an acoustic ceiling in the office. By treating the ceiling and walls with the spraying, the acoustics in the office improve immediately. The acoustic spray is lightweight and follows every ceiling and wall shape. In this way we apply the spray seamlessly. Acoustic spraying offers various finishing options: from smooth to coarse-grained. Discover more about our acoustic insulation. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Acoustic plastering

The optical aspect counts when making the choice between spraying and plastering. Acoustic plaster has a very smooth end result. This allows us to create fine acoustics with a sleek finish. Our acoustic insulation is suitable for a wide variety of substrates, including domes, vaults and double curved surfaces. Find out more about Acosorb acoustic plaster.