Acoustic ceiling museums

Good acoustics in a museum are essential. The museum visitor naturally wants to be able to enjoy art undisturbed. Acosorb offers tailor-made acoustic solutions to directly increase sound comfort in museums. We deliver a high degree of involvement and optimum quality to achieve the best results. Acoustic spraying and plastering also has a beautiful finish and provides a beautiful view. Every museum visit becomes more pleasant with the help of Acosorb's acoustic solutions.


Are you looking for acoustic insulation for your rooms? Contact us by filling in the contact form and inquire about the possibilities. We provide non-binding advice or a tailor-made quote, if desired.

Good acoustics in historical museums

Many museums are located in historic buildings, such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. These properties often have floors made of stone or lacquered wood. As a result, they usually have poor acoustics and noise nuisance quickly arises. Acosorb's acoustic solutions directly improve the acoustics and ensure that the historical character of the museum is preserved. The reverberation decreases, the sound comfort increases immediately and perfect acoustics are created. Our many years of experience ensures that we always have a suitable solution for every museum.

Acoustic solutions for modern museums

Modern museums also benefit greatly from Acosorb's acoustic solutions. These large, open spaces with many visitors can make for unpleasant acoustics. We immediately improve the acoustics by means of our acoustic spraying and plastering. Our acoustic spraying offers various finishing options: from smooth to coarse-grained. Do you want a sleek finish? Then our acoustic plaster offers an ideal solution. We always tailor our acoustic solutions to your wishes and needs and apply them seamlessly. In addition, our acoustic solutions are suitable for all surfaces.

Free sample-box

To get a better idea of the possible finishes, we would be happy to send you a free sample box. In the sample box you will find various samples of our acoustic solutions. Request the sample box by calling +31 20 2259731. Or send an email to info@acosorb.com

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