Acoustic options for residential environments


Acoustics to match every living space and customised to your personal taste

Your own home is a multifunctional place – somewhere to relax, to get together and to work. The sound in a home determines its atmosphere and how you experience it. Our years of experience and expertise help home-owners accommodate various functions in their home.

Sound absorption creates acoustic comfort. Sound-absorbing coverings for walls and ceilings muffle sounds and reduce reverberation.

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Greater sense of peace and privacy; Less overstimulation; Good speech intelligibility; Improved quality of sleep; More enjoyment from music.


Acosorb’s acoustic solutions

are completely seamless and have unlimited service life. We always deliver customised solutions to suit your wishes.

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Acosorb brings acoustics and aesthetics together

Our wide range of spray and plaster solutions provides a diversity of textures and colours for full creative freedom – from extra smooth to coarse-grained, and from float finish to fine-sanded.