Acoustic ceiling retail

Good acoustics in your store are necessary to create a pleasant shopping experience for customers and a pleasant working environment for your employees. Acosorb realizes an acoustic ceiling for shops in one phase. Reverberation is immediately reduced and, moreover, no energy leaks through to other parts of the building. This saves you on energy costs. With us you are assured of high-quality spraying and plastering that immediately improves the acoustics.


  • High quality spraying and plastering
  • Seamlessly applied in one phase
  • Different finishes possible
  • 5 year guarantee on the adhesion


Are you looking for acoustic insulation for your rooms? Contact us by filling in the contact form and inquire about the possibilities. We provide non-binding advice or a tailor-made quote, if desired.

Acoustic ceiling for your store

The acoustics in your store affect customer satisfaction. An open space filled with employees and customers causes high noise levels and echoes. Customers may experience this as disruptive. Moreover, this is not a pleasant working environment for your employees and it can affect productivity. By having the buildings and ceiling in your shop treated with our acoustic spraying, excellent sound absorption is created and reverberation is immediately reduced. This creates better speech intelligibility between colleagues and customers and improves the work and shopping experience. You can also count on energy cost savings. Our acoustic solutions are suitable for both new construction and existing situations. Acosorb specializes in the realization of acoustic ceilings in shops by means of acoustic spraying and acoustic plastering.


Acoustic spraying

We realize an acoustic ceiling in your store by means of acoustic spraying. Depending on the substrate and the wishes, we determine the structure, thickness and color of the spray. With this we immediately realize good acoustics in your store. Our acoustic spray is lightweight and applies seamlessly. Acoustic spraying has different finishing options: from smooth to coarse-grained.


Acoustic plastering

Acoustic plaster is generally preferred when a clean finish is desired. Our plasterwork has been developed in-house and is offered exclusively by Acosorb. Acoustic plaster is suitable for various substrates and bends with domes and other shapes. This creates a sleek ceiling that is neatly and seamlessly finished for optimal sound absorption in your store.

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