Acoustic ceiling Airport Lounges

An acoustic ceiling is not only functional, but also offers a beautiful view. Acosorb creates ceilings that provide good acoustics and contribute to a high-quality interior. The ceilings make the difference.

Are you looking for acoustic insulation for your rooms? Contact us by filling in the contact form and inquire about the possibilities. We provide non-binding advice or a tailor-made quote, if desired.

Seamless ceilings and walls from Acosorb

Acosorb develops acoustic walls and ceilings without seams in various colors and structures. Our ceilings contribute to optimal acoustics and reduction of reverberation in every catering facility. Read more about acoustic spraying and acoustic plastering here.

Areas of application Acosorb

Acoustic solutions for Airport lounges

Acosorb improves the acoustics in catering establishments worldwide, from the Netherlands to China. The same goes for the Cathay Airways 1st Class Lounge in Hong Kong Airport. Acosorb's acoustic applicators have combined the chic look of a 1st class lounge with the flexibility of Acosorb.