Our acoustic expertise across the border

Acosorb optimises acoustic comfort for a very diverse range of international clients. We collaborate with an extensive network of reliable partners and specialists all over the world, with whom we maintain close contact.

We use the innovative Acosorb product worldwide for the professional improvement of acoustics. We distribute our sound-absorbing product to partners around the world, so that you can enjoy expert sound insulation and sound absorption wherever you are.


A dedicated team on location

We supervise every international project from start to finish. A regular contact person and a specialised team are on location, to carry out the supervision and realisation. Most of Acosorb’s projects are carried out in Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India and Dubai. But the world is our oyster when it comes to new and challenging projects.

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Sharing acoustic knowledge and expertise

Acosorb is internationally renowned as a specialist in the field of acoustic optimisation for business and private sector markets. We also share our expertise through informative lectures. If you are interested in an acoustic masterclass or would like to find out more, please contact our specialists.

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During the realization of international projects with Acosorb products, we ensure that there is always a contact person and a specialized team on site. They support you during the entire proces. We have several active teams worldwide with specialists who have a lot of knowledge of our acoustic spraying and plastering and who realize, guide and support your project.

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