Acoustic ceiling convention centers

Good acoustics in a convention center is essential. This often concerns large, open spaces where speech intelligibility can be disturbed by reverberation. Acosorb offers tailor-made solutions to directly improve the acoustics in any convention center. Within a few days our specialists apply acoustic spraying or plastering. Our acoustic solutions have various beautiful finishes and create a beautiful view. Improve your customer's experience with Acosorb's acoustic solutions. With a five-year bonding guarantee.


Are you looking for acoustic insulation for your rooms? Contact us by filling in the contact form and inquire about the possibilities. We provide non-binding advice or a tailor-made quote, if desired.

Good acoustics in convention centers

For an optimal experience for your customer, it is essential that speech intelligibility in a convention center is good. Reverberation of conversations from others can be perceived as disturbing by your customers. If you notice that sounds in your convention center are insufficiently absorbed, Acosorb offers a solution. Our specialists treat the ceiling and walls of the convention center with sound-absorbing spraying and plastering in order to immediately improve the acoustics. Acosorb's acoustic solutions can be used on any surface. Thanks to our various finishing options, we create the best results that match your interior. In this way, Acosorb not only provides your convention center with high-quality acoustic comfort, but also with a beautiful aesthetic result.