Acospray DC1

Acospray DC1 is a float finish that consists of two com- ponents: a binding agent and enriched cellulose fibres. The material can be applied in a thickness of 5mm to a maximum of 20mm in the mass (figure 1).


It is also possible to apply this to a mineral wool base (figure 2) if very high absorption values are to be achieved. Package thickness 40mm (consisting of 3mm plate adhesive, 30mm absorbent plate material, 7mm Acospray DC1).

The material is applied by means of a spraying process in which various layers are sprayed crosswise. This creates a float finish with a very fine texture.


This product can be applied to almost any surface. It can even be used in swimming pools or semi-outdoor situations like balconies, due to its hygroscopic properties. The weight after drying per 10mm thickness of applied material is 2 – 3 kg/m2.



Certification (reporting on request)

-Cradle2Cradle Institute, achieved result Cradle2Cradle Bronze

-MRPI, ISO 14025 Environmental Product Declaration compliant

-MRPI, LCA in accordance with SBK determination method, MKI A-D 0.24ct/m2 for the variant applied in the mass

-Efectis, 1350-1:2018, B-s1.d0 with the addition of the new borate-free option B-s2.d0 (ask for this specifically)

-Frauenhofer, DIN EN 16516, VOC, complies with VOC and SVOC Building Products 2015/LCI list 2015

-Intertek standard ASTM D7234, bond strength >736 to <12600 its own weight

-Intertek, ASTM C1338-19 Standard, Microbiological Performance, Compliant

-Intertek, standard ISO 105-A02, color change, class 5



White and any other specific color by adding pigment to the adhesive.



Option 1: Any dust and cobwebs can be removed using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Option 2: Treat the surface with dry ice. A maintenance contract can also be concluded for this.



Repairs can be carried out easily with our mini machine (38kg).



The material can be oversprayed using an airless spraying technique. We do not recommend using a rolling technique.


Remove acoustic layer

Moisten the material and let it soak for 24 hours. After that it is easy to remove.


Application Basics

-Substrate must be clean, dry and airtight (close plasterboard seams)

-We recommend applying a green plasterboard as a substrate

-The flatness of the surface determines the flatness of the end result

-Acoprimer promotes adhesion and ensures a proportional suction power of the substrate

-Extend junction boxes, etc., to the thickness of the spraying work

-If not ended by a wall or frame, a sealing profile must be installed

-Pre-treat metal parts against rusting

-Installation using mobile scaffolding and/or scissor lifts

-Temperature during and after application >15°C

-View our standard detail set for more information, call our specialists on +31 (0)20 7173000 or send an email to: info@acosorb.nl


Acoustic values

Product type125Hz250Hz500Hz1kHz2kHz4kHzawNRC
Acospray DC1 20mm in de massa opgebracht0,070,290,690,840,920,970,600,70
Acospray DC1 35mm on 30mm op minerale wol + 5mm spray0,230,780,990,990,980,961,000,95

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