School acoustic ceiling

Schools and other educational institutions benefit from good acoustics. A good acoustic environment makes the room more pleasant and increases the concentration of employees and students. This results in a good working and learning environment. Acosorb meets this need by treating spaces with acoustic spraying and plastering. This reduces reverberation, saves energy and improves acoustics.


Are you looking for acoustic insulation for your rooms? Contact us by filling in the contact form and inquire about the possibilities. We provide non-binding advice or a tailor-made quote, if desired.

Acoustic solution for every classroom

The acoustic spray ceiling from Acosorb can be applied in the form of plaster or spraying in any school building, from primary to secondary schools and from pre-vocational secondary education to university buildings. Acosorb is even suitable for a nursery.

Areas of application Acosorb

Acosorb offers, among other things, acoustic solutions for:

-Children's crèches;
-Preschool playgroups;
-Primary schools;
-Secondary schools;

Improves acoustics and reduces reverberation

Acosorb improves the acoustics in schools and nurseries. Likewise in Berkroden. In 2016, our acoustic specialists provided the Melanchthon vmbo building with Acospray DC2 1.0. Only the treatment of the ceiling is sufficient for this. This has created a healthy working and learning climate.