Acoustic ceiling office buildings

Good acoustics are necessary to create a pleasant working climate. With an acoustic spray ceiling from Acosorb, every room turns into a pleasant working environment. The ceiling reduces reverberation to a minimum and no heat leaks to other parts of the property, saving you on energy costs.

Seamless spraying and plastering for business

Acoustic spraying and plastering is applied completely seamlessly and is available in various structures and colours. Acosorb adds value in any business environment, from government institutions to shared spaces and from small to large companies.

Areas of application Acosorb

Acoustic solutions for companies

You can apply Acosorb in any commercial space, it is suitable for both ceilings and walls. In recent years, Acosorb has improved the acoustics in various offices. For example, in 2017 the head office of Google Netherlands was provided with an acoustic layer. Thanks to the application of Acosorb, the impressive building on the Amsterdam Zuidas scores excellent in the field of acoustics.