Acoustic ceiling museums

Pleasant acoustics are essential in museums. Visitors would want to enjoy their visit unbothered. Acosorb offers custom fit acoustic solutions to directly improve acoustics in museums. We execute every project with a great deal of commitment and excellent quality in order to achieve the best acoustic results. Moreover, both our acoustic spray and plasterwork have smooth finishes which can be applied in a smooth and appealing finish. Not only your visitors will benefit from an acoustic ceiling from Acosorb but also, your employees.

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for the Waterlinie Museum

Good acoustics in historic museums

Many museums are located in historic buildings, such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. These buildings usually have floors that are either made from stone or polished wood. This generally creates unpleasant acoustic and create a significant amount of echo. The acoustic solutions provided by Acosorb directly improve acoustics but also keep the historical character of the building intact. Resonance is being reduced, comfort improves directly and perfect acoustic is being created. Our experience ensures us that we have a fitting solution for every museum.

Acoustic solutions for modern museums

Also, modern museums greatly improve from the acoustic solutions Acosorb provides. Modern museums use large open spaces. Because of these large open spaces, unpleasant acoustics can cause problems. We directly improve acoustic by using our acoustic spray and plaster. Our acoustic spray offers different finishes: from smooth to industrial. Do you wish a smooth finish? Then our acoustic plaster offers an ideal solution. Our acoustic solutions are customizable to your wishes and are always applied seamlessly.  Moreover, our acoustic solutions can be applied to almost any surface.

Free sample box 

To get a better insight into the acoustic possibilities we can provide you with a free sample box. In this sample box, there are samples with different acoustic finishes. You can request a free sample box by calling to +31 (0) 20 717 3000. Or send an e-mail to

Areas of application Acosorb

Acosorb provides acoustic solutions for a wide range of sectors. We offer acoustic solutions for:

  • School
  • Retail stores
  • Showrooms

More information

Are you curious about what acoustic solutions Acosorb can provide for museums? Contact us to discuss the possibilities! You can reach us on +31 (0) 20 717 3000. Or send an e-mail to We strive to reply to your request as soon as possible.