Our mission & Our vision

Our mission

Acosorb reduces the sound in each room to its essence. Wherever people live, work and come together: sound affects their experience.

Good acoustics are crucial to a sense of privacy and wellbeing, good concentration and high productivity

We optimise the acoustic experience in every type of building, with an eye for aesthetics. Our seamless wall and ceiling finishes absorb sound and reduce reverberation. The wide range of spray and plaster solutions provides a diversity of textures and colours for full creative freedom. As an international partner of architects, contractors, entrepreneurs and private individuals, Acosorb guarantees the best acoustics for every project – whether a new construction or a renovation. Environmentally friendly and always focused on innovation.


Our vision

Our society is changing ever more rapidly.

Macro factors like digitalisation, globalisation, environmental issues and geopolitical issues affect our daily lives.

We see an increasing number of people suffering from overstimulation, loss of focus and a diminishing sense of privacy. Under this increasing pressure, there is a growing need for balance. In finding that balance, it helps to take a good look at sound levels and reverberation in the home and work environments. Acosorb puts passion and skill into creating acoustic comfort worldwide. Our ambitions focus on being environmentally friendly, safe and future-proof. We are always one step ahead in the market:

  • All our acoustic products are made of 100% recycled fibres.
  • The acoustic sprays in the Acosorb Green Line consist of 100% post-consumer recycled content. Their composition and their recycled appearance form a sustainable and modern choice for our customers in the education and business worlds, for example.
  • The new Acosorb Zero Line (0% borax) is concrete proof of our vision on replacing materials that are still used, but will gradually be phased out in the rest of the market too.