Acoustic Ceiling swimming pools

Acosorb also provides acoustic solutions for swimming pools. These, however, require a different plan of approach. By using acoustic spray or plasterwork Acosorb realizes quickly and seamlessly an acoustic ceiling for swimming pools. Make your swimming pool into a true relaxation room, where guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest and where children can play unbothered.

  • Applicable on different surfaces
  • Applied seamless in one fase
  • Standard 5 year warranty

For more information about our acoustic solutions for swimming pools, please contact us trough: + 31 (0) 20 717 3000 or contact us through our online form.

Aquamar Acospray 2018
Aquamar Acospray 2018

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for Aquamar. 

Excellent acoustics in swimming pools

Generally speaking acoustics in swimming pools is usually unpleasant and too high. Visitors can experience unpleasant acoustics. Moreover, this will not only leave visitors with an unpleasant experience but, this can also endanger your visitors. Trough a low standard of acoustics a need for help call can by anticipated less well.  Because of the climate conditions within many swimming pools, a great portion of acoustic solution can not be applied. However, the acoustic spray and plasterwork from Acosorb is water-resistant and has been designed especially for indoor pools. Our acoustic solutions furthermore, take into account hygiene and are, therefore, very well applied in public as well as, private swimming pools.

  • Improves safety
  •  Improved experience for your employees and guests
  •  Makes it easier to communicate
  •  Reduces the risk of hearing damages

Acoustic ceilings for swimming pools

Our acoustic solutions provide a sound-absorbing system and directly lower resonance. They are highly suitable for swimming pools. Furthermore, our acoustic spray and plasterwork can also be applied in bathrooms to reduce resonance. We look at every project individually to provide you with the best acoustic solutions.  Furthermore, we apply our acoustic spray and plasterwork in one fase.

Acoustic spraywork

Our acoustic spray By using acoustic spray we realize good acoustics in your store. Depending on the surface and your wishes we can alter the finish, thickness and colour of the spray. Our acoustic spray is lightweight and is applied seamlessly. The acoustic spray has different finishes from smooth to industrial. The thickness, colour and structure are depending on the surface.

Akoestisch plasterwork

Acoustic plasterwork is generally preferred when a smooth finish is required. Our plasterwork is designed in house and is exclusively provided by Acosorb. Acoustic plasterwork can be applied to a broad range of surfaces, which includes surfaces that bend.  Our acoustic plaster enables us to create a smooth ceiling which has a seamless finish and creates an optimal sound absorption in your store.

Acoustic solutions for every sector

Acosorb offers a broad range of acoustic solutions for locations where acoustic are viable. We realize acoustic ceilings for:

  • Showrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants

Aquamar Acospray 2018Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for Aquamar 

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Our acoustic solutions are applicable to almost any surface. Generally speaking, we are usually being contacted by architects. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Contact us by calling: +31 (0) 20 717 3000 or send an e-mail to  We strive to provide you with a quotation within a week.