Akoestisch plafond scholen

Schools as well as, other educational institutions are bound to adequate acoustics. Research has shown that an appropriate acoustic surround improves not only the concentration from employees but also, the concentration of students. Moreover, this results in a pleasant working environment for employees and students. Acosorb threats this room with needles acoustic spray and plasterwork. This will; decrease resonance, saves energy and improves the overall acoustic.

Melanchthon Acospray 2016
Melanchthon Acospray 2016
Melanchthon Acospray 2016

An acoustic solution for every classroom.

The acoustic ceilings from Acosorb can be applied in two form either acoustic spray or acoustic plaster in any educational institution whether it is a primary school or a college university. Acosorb's acoustic ceiling could even be applied at a daycare centre for children.

Area's of application for Acosorb

Acosorb offers acoustic solutions for:

  • Secondary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Universities

Improves the acoustics and reduces resonance

Acosorb resolves acoustic problems in schools and child daycares. For instance, Melanchthon, a school in Berkroden. Our acoustic specialists resolved the acoustic problems by applying the Acospray DC2.1.0. By applying this acoustic product to the ceiling they have created a healthy and pleasant working environment for students as well as, teacher.

Melanchthon Acospray 2016

More information?

The needless acoustic ceilings from Acosorb are applicable on any surface and, can be applied in new development as well as, current buildings.  If you want more information or want to talk about the possible solutions that we can offer for your building then please contact us through this