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Acosorb offers custom made acoustic solutions for gyms. Our acoustic solutions improve acoustics directly and reduce resonance in your gym. By reducing resonance it improves the overall experience for guests.  We apply a seamless acoustic spray and plasterwork in one fase.  By applying the ceiling in one fase we quickly realize an acoustic ceiling for your gym. Moreover, Acosorb offers five years warranty on adhesion.

Sportschool Acospray
Sportschool Acospray

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for the Vondelgym in Amsterdam south. 

Good Acoustics in your gym

The sound created by sporters, bouncing exercise balls or your gym equipment creates a high amount of noise and echo. Many visitors can experience this as aggravating, this can have a negative result on their exercising experience. To improve the added value of your gym pleasant acoustics are essential. Our acoustic solutions reduce resonance and directly improve acoustics for your gym. By using acoustic spray or plasterwork we create a ceiling that absorbs noise. This results in a more pleasant exercising experience for your customers. Our spray and plasterwork can be applied seamlessly to ceilings as well as, walls. In addition, we offer different choices of finishes from smooth to industrial. Our acoustic solutions are also available in different colours. Our acoustic spray and plasterwork can be made to fit your colour choice.

 Free sample box Gratis sample box

To gain better insight into our acoustic finishes we can provide you with a free samples box, that consists of different finishes. Please contact us on +31 (0) 20 717 3000 or

Acoustic solutions for different sectors

Our acoustic spray and plasterwork can also be applied in:

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