Acoustic ceiling daycare centre

Pleasant acoustics are an important aspects of daycare - centres. High levels of resonance can lead to unsafe situations and create an uneasy environment.  When you are looking for a professional solution to improve acoustics, you can get in touch with Acosorb. We offer quick and easy acoustical solutions for ceilings and walls with our acoustics spray and plaster-work. This will directly decrease resonance and echo which will create a safe and pleasant environment for children as well as, their parents.

  • Acoustic solutions for daycare - centres
  • Create a safe environment for children and employees
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick and seamless application
  • Applicable on any surface
  • Five-year warranty on adhesion.

Pleasant acoustics for the wellbeing of children and employees.

As an owner of a child daycare centre you, of course, want the best of the best for the children and your employees.  High levels of echo and resonance can be a pitfall in this. It can lead to hearing loss, stress and weariness. Both for employees as well as children. Prevent hearing damage of your employees by applying acoustical spray or plasterwork from Acosorb. Acosorb offers acoustical solutions made to fit. With pleasant acoustics, cleanliness and regularity your employees, as well as the children, will function the best. Acoustic spray and plasterwork can provide this. Furthermore, by applying acoustical spray or plasterwork from Acosorb you will create an ideal environment to stimulate development.

Good acoustics for a pleasant play and work environment

A long amount of resonance will make the level of noise rise. This will result in an increase in the level of noise from both your employees and the children. This can cause children to be uneasy and restless.  Acosorb has the right tools to overcome this. By applying either our acoustical spray or plasterwork we can directly improve the level of resonance. Our specialists can apply this in one phase with a seamless finish. By doing so we can create a pleasant environment in which children can develop themself in an optimal way and where your employees can work the most efficient.

Acoustic spray or plasterwork Akoestisch spuit- of pleisterwerk

Acosorb offers a wide diversity of custom made acoustic solutions. Our spray and plasterwork can be applied to any surface. Both can follow any surface form. The different between spray and plasterwork is the finish. The spray can be applied from industrial finishes to smooth finishes.  With plasterwork, an extremely smooth surface can be realised. The specialists from Acosorb always apply both the spray as well as the plasterwork seamless and quick. Moreover, our acoustic solutions have an unlimited life span and have minimal impact on the environment due to our cradle to cradle solutions.

Area's of application 

Acosorb realizes made to fit acoustical solution for a wide diversity of applications such as:

  • Health institutions
  • Museums
  • Private sector.

Contact us

For more information about our acoustical solutions, please contact our experts. You can reach us on +31 6 020 717 3000 or contact us by e-mailing to We strive to respond to you within a week.