Acoustic ceilings care institutions

Where rest is essential for a persons state and recovery, pleasant acoustics are basic essentials. A pleasant acoustic surround improves the level of comfort for patients in the room. Our acoustic solutions reduce resonance in every caretaking institutions. Acoustic spray and plasterwork also reduces the loss of warmth and therefore, saves energy. Furthermore, it quickly realizes pleasant intelligibility. This results in a pleasant environment which offers peace and quietness for clients and you. Good acoustics in place that matter.

Melanchthon Acospray 2016
Melanchthon Acospray 2016
Melanchthon Acospray 2016

Directly pleasant acoustics

By using acoustic spray and plasterwork we create a pleasant acoustic surround directly. There are different finishes possible, from industrial to smooth. We apply our ceilings seamless. Our acoustic solutions can be applied to almost any surface and in any caretaking institution.  From big hospitals to small individual practises. Pleasant acoustics create a wholesome ambience which results in more comfort and a more pleasant recovery process.

Acosorb Applications

Acosorb is usually being contracted for a wide diversity of projects. Our cradle2cradle sustainable products can be applied in:

  • Homes
  • Dentist practises
  • Swimming pools

Akoestisch plafond Acosorb voor Thermion NijmegenAcoustic ceilings realised by Acosorb for Thermion Nijmwegen.

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For more information about our acoustic solutions. You can reach us by calling: +31 (0) 20 717 3000 or contact us through our contact form. We happily discuss our acoustic solutions which will fit best for your situation.