Acoustic ceilings call-centres

Pleasant acoustics in call-centres is crucial. Multiple employees could be having a phone call with a customer. This can lead to a high level of resonance. Acosorb improves the acoustics in call-centres by applying high-end acoustic spray and plasterwork. Our specialist applies to custom made acoustics solutions in one phase, which directly decrease resonance. By doing so Acosorb creates pleasant speech intelligibility and a pleasant working environment. Furthermore, Acosorb offers five years of warranty on the adhesion.

Good acoustics in call-centres

Due to the high resonance in call-centres, employees might have problems with focusing. High resonance can disrupt a successful phonecall. The customer, on the other side of the line, might get the feeling that the whole office is listing to the phonecall. Especially with privacy-sensitive data, this might be found as unpleasant. To create a pleasant work environment acoustics is highly important. Acosorb can realize this by applying our acoustic spray or plasterwork on walls and ceilings. Some but not all of the benefits from an Acosorb

  • Reduced resonance
  • Improved speech intelligibility
  • Improves the level of concentration amongst your employees
  • heightens the feeling of privacy
  • Masks background noise
  • A seamless finish
  • High- end spray and plasterwork with smooth finishes

Acoustic spray and plasterwork

Our specialist can apply your ceiling or wall with acoustic spray or plasterwork to directly improve acoustics in your call-centre. The acoustic spray has an industrial to a smooth finish. Rather have a super smooth finish? Then our acoustic plasterwork will be able to provide just that. Our acoustic solutions are applied seamless and can be applied in a wide range of standard colours. Our acoustic spray and plasterwork can, therefore, be adjusted to you interior wishes.  With Acosorb you're always secured of a high-end acoustic ceiling with a beautiful finish.

Areas of application Acosorb

Acosorb offers acoustic solutions for:

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