Acoustic ceiling offices

Acosorb realizes quickly and swiftly an acoustic ceiling for your office ceiling. By using either acoustic spray or acoustic plaster we are able to create an enjoyable acoustic work environment. Ideal for an optimal working environment. Moreover, good acoustics improve the level of concentration of employee which increases productivity. With Acosorb you are assured of the highest quality of work and direct improvement of acoustics.

  • Excellent Acoustic
  • Applied in one fasé without any seams.
  • 5 Years warranty on attachment.
  • Different finishes possible.

Acoustic Ceiling created by Acosorb for Sony Music Entertainment Amsterdam Office

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for the office of Google (Netherlands)

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for Sony Music Entertainment Amsterdam Office

Opportunities acoustic ceiling

Acoustic spray

With the Acosorb acoustic spray, we can create an acoustic ceiling on any surface. By treating the ceiling and the walls of the office we can directly improve acoustics. The Acoustic spray is light and follows any ceiling or wand shape.  This allows us to apply the acoustic measure seamless.  Our acoustic solutions are available in different finishes from smooth to industrial.  Discover more about our acoustic spray. Contact us to talk about your acoustic solution.

Acoustic plasterwork

One of the biggest aspects when deciding between spray work or plasterwork is esthetics. Acoustic plaster has a very smooth end finish.  This product combines high-quality acoustic absorption with a very smooth finish. Our acoustic plasterwork can be applied to almost any surface. Discover more about our acoustic plaster solutions by contacting us.

Appliance Acosorb

Acosorb offers different acoustic solutions for:

  • Schools
  • Operating space
  • Gym's

Acoustic ceiling created by Acosorb for the office of Shoebaloo.

Contact us !

The acoustic spray and plasterwork that Acosorb offers is applicable on almost any service and offers an ideal solution to directly tackle your acoustic problem. Are you interested in the acoustic solutions we can offer you? please contact us by calling to +31 (0) 20 717 3000 or by e-mail on We will provide you with a project-specific quotation within five days.