Acoustic ceiling casino’s

Casino's experience a large number of visitors and a wide diversity of gambling machines. The combination of these two creates a high density of sound which can be experienced as uncomfortable. To create a pleasant experience for your visitors as well as, your employees, general acoustics must be dealt with. Acosorb is highly specialised in high-end acoustic comfort. By using resonance absorption spray and plasterwork we create the maximal amount of sound absorption. This highly improves the speech intelligibility.

Acoustic solutions for casino's

To offer your guests with the highest quality casino experience, pleasant acoustics are essential to doing so. The experts at Acosorb look at every case individually and gladly give their input to help solve your acoustic problem. We apply seamless acoustic spray and plasterwork on walls as well as, ceilings. Applying acoustic spray on the walls will dramatically decrease echo. Our acoustic solutions are also environmentally free, they reduce resonance and save on energy costs. Moreover, we offer five years of warranty on adhesion.

Acoustic spray and plasterwork

Our acoustic spray work can be applied to almost any surface, against ceilings as well as, walls. The difference between spray and plasterwork is mainly the optical results. Plasterwork creates an extremely smooth finish. Whereas, with spray work, we create an industrial or smooth finish. Moreover, our acoustic solutions are available in any RAL or NCS colour. This allows you to adept our acoustic solutions perfectly to your interior wishes.

Area's of application

Acosorb realises acoustic ceilings for:

  • Gyms
  • Museums
  • Restaurants

Acoustic ceiling realised by Acosorb for Fairplay Casino 

Contact us

Acosorb can be contacted for a wide range and diversity of projects. Are you curious about what our acoustic solutions for casinos? Then, please contact us by calling +31 (0) 20 717 3000  or send an e-mail to We strive to provide you with a quotation within a week.